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Ways to use Offline Marketing

Effective marketing all starts with accurate data. The same is true for offline marketing. It could be deemed impractical or even impossible to track the results of a physical mail-piece. The reality is there are actually many ways you can monitor how a campaign performs !!

As marketeers we are always looking at ways to monitor the return on investment (ROI). Simple methods such as custom landing pages for each distribution, with scannable QR codes make monitoring the results of delivery methods simple.

Other methods such as providing batches of unique discount codes for each distribution will allow effective tracking of conversions by uploading these codes to your store front or shopping basket system.

Obviously we know that not all offline marketing is paper based. Things like radio adverts and trade shows all have their place. Below are some ideas of ways to use offline marketing whereby you can add tracking.

Voucher Cards

Everybody likes a discount !! Why not include something that everyone loves into your marketing campaign ? This method helps to maximise the lifespan of the product giving the item as much time as possible to engage with your audience. We all know how vouchers draw in new potential customers who you would otherwise struggle to convince to use your services. Vouchers are the gateway to get your brand viewed, the customer journey is how you keep them coming back for more.

Refer-a-Friend Program

Okay, so vouchers may not be something that you want to utilise, maybe your customers respond better to non-discount methods. A referral program can have a similar effect as a voucher. Try proposing already existing customers an opportunity to refer a friend. If they do it in-line with your terms, both they and their friend get a discount or service benefit. It’s a great way to promote a trustworthy brand to new and existing customers without selling on price.

Leaflets or Flyers

Using leaflets or flyers is probably the simplest way to get offline information into the hands of potential customers. It's been tried and tested since printing began. We work with several leaflet distribution companies including Royal Mail to be able to get your brand out to areas you want to target.


If you have a lot to say, or have multiple products that you want to display and promote, then brochures allow your message to spread out, creating a physical store front in people's homes. Again, using what we know about adding direct links to products you can use QR codes to bridge the gap between the brochure and your business.
Trade Shows or Events
Events are great for mingling with potential customers face to face. They get to know you and your brand. Remember once the event is over, you should leave them with something to take away. You can also follow up the event with something in the post to make them smile.

Send Seasonal Cards

A great spin on offline marketing is to send out seasonal cards every year. Seasonal cards can promote your brand and help build a relationship between you and the receiver. If they are done right then people love to receive them, and they can show off a bit about who you are. These are great for new potentials and your existing customer base. As more and more people use email to send our seasonal wishers, good quality, well written cards stand out more than ever.



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